My experience with Rachel has been nothing short of amazing! She is an excellent clinician who is warm, empathetic, skilled, and flexible. From the start of our relationship, she has provided a space that feels safe and nonjudgmental. During a very challenging time, she helped remind me of my strengths, learn new skills, and provide a support. The space she creates is very unique and warm. She has played an instrumental role in my journey through change and growth. I’m incredibly grateful to work with her!
— Leigh D.
Rachel Cole is a gifted Therapist. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. I personally have experienced her ability and skill in assisting me to heal the causes of some post traumatic stress behaviors. The result has been life changing for me. I will forever be grateful.
— Anonymous
Rachel has that unique ability to make a session both therapeutic and fun. She’s knowledgeable, comforting, empathetic and so easy to talk to. I always leave a session more elated than when I arrived and I think that’s shown in every aspect of my life.
— Harry K
I grew up with parents who were in psychoanalysis - so I lived in an introspective environment from an early age. I’ve have seen a number of therapists and have done a great deal of spiritual and other self-improvement work on myself. Because of this background, I am acutely aware of whether therapy I’m receiving is offering something unique or helpful beyond momentary soothing and actually creates positive change. My work with Rachel was a surprise as what she does is very subtle and quietly powerful. I got support from her in being who I really am and so I began to trust myself and my life started working better. My energy, my outlook and my ability to relate to others and be comfortable with intimacy have all blossomed as well as my career. She is a caring and very perceptive woman who could see what works in me and knew how to get me to see it and to live it.
— SC
I first came to Rachel over 6 months ago to seek therapy for my long-standing anxiety and depression. The reason I chose her was because of her expertise in Somatic Experiencing Therapy, a new concept for me.
After trying conventional psychotherapy and medication for years with other therapists and psychiatrists, my symptoms persisted and I also had the undesirable side effects from the medications.
During these months Rachel has guided me to make the connection with body, mind, and spirit in an extremely helpful way, therefore I don’t feel dissociated any longer from my body sensations and my mind.
This integration of spirit, mind and body has allowed me to liberate resentments and fears and has allowed me to experience a tremendous relief from the anxiety and depressive symptoms.
Also, this therapeutic approach has taught me to rely on and trust myself in very deep ways and has provided me with tools to use during my daily interactions at work and in social settings.
— JR
After a life time of trauma, chronic illness and talk therapy, I learned about Somatic Experiencing
and found Rachel. Our body is (our) home. The work is to find our way back and to live there again. Rachel is a gifted, intuitive guide. Her only agenda is to help. With her abundant knowledge and skills, she patiently, compassionately and with real and deep caring brings her clients back home. She’s an unsung gem.
— AE

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